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Safety in the NAS Helping safety managers in
Air Traffic Management

ATAC supports the FAA’s multiple safety systems as they evolve and new procedures are integrated into the NAS (National Airspace System). ATAC researched and developed leading Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for the FAA ATO Safety organization that can be used to indicate possible risk in the air traffic system and set up threshold alerts that will help safety practitioners and safety managers in ATM focus on possible problem areas and place emphasis where needed.


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Difficult airport to evaluateEnvironmental Evaluation

ATAC's role as the lead software developer and system integrator of the FAA's Integrated Noise Model (INM) supplies in-depth insight into the model's capabilities, limitations, and use. ATAC also has a major role in the development of the Aviation Environmental Design Tool (AEDT), the FAA's next generation environmental modeling software, spanning local and global noise and emissions analyses. ATAC's FAA-funded research are aimed at improving the capabilities of the INM and the AEDT.


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SkyView exacts data from a variety of data sources.


ATAC's SkyView® provides a comprehensive set of software tools for gathering aviation performance and supporting data, measuring and baselining operations, and helping to design, implement, and evaluate operational improvements. “We have been using SkyView as the basis of our post-PBN-implementation monitoring. It has been extremely useful in this regards and will continue to support our PBN developments.” – Geoff Hounsell, Manager Service Strategy, Airways New Zealand.



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