Military Aviation Simulation Model - NASMOD

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Powerful Tool for Military Ground and At-Sea Operations Modeling

The Military Aviation Simulation Model (NASMOD), known as a powerful, flexible tool for analyzing a wide range of military aviation operational alternatives is also an ideal tool for modeling military ground and at-sea (both surface and sub-surface) operations. NASMOD is a resource-based simulation tool using sophisticated scheduling algorithms that build upon training requirements (such as the Navy's Training and Resource or 'T&R' requirements) and closely mimic actual scheduling of training ranges and related resources.


NASMOD results provide defensible analysis to support the development of future training and infrastructure requirements. Some examples of NASMOD applications:
  • Maneuver area size and infrastructure requirements
  • Range capacity and suitability
  • Impacts of civilian commercial and private activities
  • Impacts of development on training areas and ranges, including energy projects such as windmill farms
  • Feasibility and problem identification related to the introduction of new training
  • RF spectrum resource modeling and management


NASMOD is unique in its ability to analyze operations over a long period of time from months to years. This capability captures seasonal, training, and deployment-driven variability that eliminates surprises arising from peak training period demands. NASMOD and the ATAC NASMOD analysis team can help you define and defend your program requirements now and into the future.

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