Range and Special Use Airspace Management

Using GRADE to tudy for Special use airspace

Making your Airspace Work for your Requirements

Military training airspace, defined as dedicated air training space as well as airspace overlying ground and at-sea ranges, are increasingly under pressure to justify existing use and prove that it is effectively utilized. Additionally, as requirements change, services must adjust special use airspace architecture to accommodate new missions such as Large Force Exercises (LFEs) and Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) operations.  Analyzing and demonstrating the use of, or impacts of changes to, Special Use Airspaces (SUAs) are essential elements required to support required usage of your current airspace or to bring a new proposed airspace to reality.

Using a unique set of tools and methods, ATAC can display the massive amounts of data on air operations in the National Airspace System, convey the current use or proposal story in an understandable visual form, and analyze as well as quantify the impacts of change proposals on civil air operations in that region.  ATAC is an expert in processing and displaying air traffic flight path data using government and private sources. Additionally, NASMOD modeling of military air operations can be combined with historical air traffic data to provide accurate and effective forecasts of SUA availability and impacts. These analytical tools are powerful, defensible methods for ensuring that military operations requirements can be met well into the future.

Customer Case Study

Click on the image for full view of a sample from the report for a DoD customer-

A DoD customer recently acquired additional land to expand a ground range in order to meet new combined air and ground force exercise requirements. Additions to the existing SUAs were required in order to accommodate ground force operations as well as overhead air support. By analyzing several proposed airspace designs and quantifying the impacts on the significant levels of civil aviation in the region, officials were able to optimize the design to meet their needs while at the same time minimizing the impacts on the NAS. This resulted in a winning proposal that was thoroughly vetted and defensible.

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