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Environmental Modeling Methods

ATAC is a major player in the development of the FAA's environmental modeling software, Aviation Environmental Design Tool (AEDT), spanning local and global noise and emissions analyses. ATAC's FAA-funded research is improving the capabilities of AEDT, keeping it at the forefront of aviation environmental modeling methods and practices. ATAC develops and applies software tools and analysis methods to address environmental impact questions.

Such tools and methods include:
  • Modeling the noise and fuel-burn benefits of Continuous Descent Arrivals (CDAs) / Optimized Profile Descents (OPDs)
  • Animating aircraft flight trajectories and corresponding sound exposure or maximum sound level contours
  • Directly linking airport capacity modeling results with airport noise modeling inputs
  • Generation of number above contours
ATAC has applied its expertise to a variety of aviation environmental modeling tasks. These efforts include:
  • Environmental assessment for a simultaneous offset instrument approach and precision runway monitor project at San Francisco International Airport (SFO)
  • San Francisco International airfield development planning
  • Los Angeles International Airport south side airfield and New Large Aircraft (NLA) studies
  • Los Angeles International Airport analyses quantifying the environmental benefits of CDA implementation
  • Port of Oakland airfield and airspace modeling in support of SEIR
  • Alamogordo-White Sands regional airport environmental assessment
The studies performed by ATAC have addressed such issues as:
  • Airspace modifications
  • Number Above noise calculations to support sleep disturbance analyses
  • Runway and taxi-way reconfigurations, including single-event taxi operation noise analyses

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