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Who We Are

Since 1979, ATAC® has provided simulation and analysis to the aviation community. ATAC’s dedicated staff is passionate about the development and application of computer models, simulations, decision aids, and analysis tools. We provide comprehensive analytical and subject matter expert capabilities including operations design and analysis, safety reporting and analysis, environmental analysis, and training solutions. We are committed to the aviation industry, providing high quality products and services, while maintaining a creative, innovative and responsive company environment.

ATAC’s comprehensive services include: Airport planning, Airspace operations design and analysis, Environmental impact assessment, Military aviation, Model development and Operational performance analysis.

ATAC’s state-of-the-art products: Simmod PRO!®, Graphical Airspace Design Environment (GRADE®), and SkyView.

What We Do

As an industry leader in aviation modeling and simulation, ATAC is the primary developer of the Performance Data Analysis and Reporting System (PDARS); the Aviation Environmental Design Tool (AEDT), the FAA’s next generation environmental modeling software in support of critical FAA operations; and Military Aviation Simulation Model (NASMOD), a powerful, flexible tool for analyzing a wide range of military aviation operational alternatives.

What We Deliver

ATAC has unique knowledge and insight into the inner-workings of the tools that enable us to meet demanding, customer-specific analysis requirements. ATAC has conducted airport and airspace design and analysis projects throughout the U.S. for the FAA; completed operations analyses at numerous military airfields and training areas for the U.S. Navy, Marine Corps and Air Force; and conducted capacity/delay simulations and noise modeling for airport authorities at complex sites such as Dallas/Fort Worth and San Francisco.