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International Air Navigation Service Providers

As a member of the Civil Air Navigation Services Organization (CANSO), ATAC is committed to providing outstanding analytical services to Air Navigation Services Providers (ANSPs) around the world.


Integrated Toolset for Air Traffic Operations Analysis

Fast, easy automated metrics to enhance ANSP performance

SkyView provides a comprehensive set of software tools for gathering aviation performance and supporting data, measuring and baselining operations, and helping to design, implement, and evaluate operational improvements. SkyView contains configurable data collection, air traffic data visualization, analysis, reporting, and management modules that can be tailored to your needs. SkyView can be adapted for any suitable set of air traffic data sources to produce customized dashboards for executive monitoring and decision-making.

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SkyView can be configured to support many different applications including:

SkyView continuously ingests and processes flight tracks and flight plans and uses the results to automatically create and distribute daily reports in Microsoft Excel format. Dozens of templates are available in the SkyView report repository and new templates can be developed easily using the SkyView report design wizard. SkyView measurements cover all aspects of air traffic operations including traffic throughput, efficiency and safety. Environmental measures such as fuel burn and emissions can be also be included in daily reports when using the SkyView integration with AEDT, currently under development by the FAA.

SkyView provides quick access to processed data with extensive visualization options to show tracks and traffic flows in 2D top views or 3D perspectives, as static tracks or as a replay (animation). Applications range from a quick replay and analysis of incidents within minutes, a detailed traffic flow analysis for airspace redesign, or a big-picture animation with weather overlays to be shown at a community meeting. SkyView supports all standard GIS formats and provides tools for rapid layer generation for customized data.

SkyView’s flight processing tools allow the reconstruction of flight trajectories with the great level of precision and reliability required for user fee computations. Furthermore, SkyView’s built-in flight analysis capabilities allow for the automatic computation of a wide variety of user fee parameters for a particular airspace, including time spent in the airspace, distance flown, flight plan distance, and difference between actual track and the flight plan. SkyView can provide reports applying these measurements to a user fee model and compute daily, weekly, monthly and annual user fees grouped by airline, owner, city-pair, etc. Reports can be provided as Microsoft Excel files, comma-delimited CSV files or XML files and can be distributed automatically to your billing system.

SkyView provides special SAR tools to provide quick access (within minutes) to newly collected data to support locating a missing aircraft. Custom GIS layers can be provided to aid in the correlation of tracks to landmarks. SkyView also provides tools for detailed post-event analysis, and special visual reporting templates to create Adobe Acrobat pdf files with automatic legend creation to preserve the legal details pertinent to the event.

SkyView’s trend analysis and reporting capabilities make it easy to design trend report templates to track traffic flow changes over time. SkyView supports weekly, monthly and yearly reports, with easy selection of which day or days of the week should be included. In addition, SkyView can be used to create custom reports to analyze the impact of air traffic operational changes such as a sector redesign, a new route, or even the impact of reduced vertical separation minima.

SkyView’s GIS functions allow for easy ingestion of airspace definitions in a variety of formats such as AIXM, ACES and NFDC. Using SkyView’s airspace design tools, existing boundaries can be modified and used for a preview of the impact of the new boundaries on the traffic flows. SkyView reports can be used for the numerical comparison of the baseline and one or more alternatives. SkyView’s export capabilities make it easy to transfer sector designs and traffic data to Simmod PRO!®

SkyView makes it easy to search available reports to find live traffic situations that meet certain training criteria. SkyView’s flight selection and export functions can then be used to create detailed scenarios for air traffic controller training. Such scenarios establish the initial conditions for a simulation as well as a plan for the evolution of the traffic through the training exercise. Scenario output is configurable and may include flight tracks, flight plans, weather cells, winds and airspace definitions. for fast-time airspace simulations.

SkyView is highly integrated with Microsoft PowerPoint. With the click of a button a traffic image can be turned into a PowerPoint slide and added to a colorful and effective slide deck for in-house presentations, press briefings or community meetings. SkyView also provides the capability to replay traffic in real time or fast time and export the animations straight to AVI files.

SkyView can generate reports and compelling graphics, enabling deep analysis of Performance Based Navigation (PBN) procedures. The information produced will help define navigation requirements, support safety case analyses, supply benefit/cost data and identify the functionalities required for optimal efficiency in en route and terminal airspace.

SkyView can create a framework for systematic analyses and threshold alerts of key indicators of risk or for comprehensive investigation of incidents, supported by robust data quality and reliability assessment. SkyView identifies which functions of ATM or its sub-components could be affected, supporting better causal analysis and meaningful solutions and recommendations.

Despite notable technological advances, aviation noise and emissions are expected to remain the biggest impediment to the expansion of airport capacity in the next 20 years. Virtually all major environmental campaigns against airport and air traffic expansion have centered on community concerns over exposure. SkyView can model fuel burn, emissions and noise to help ANSPs develop a sustainable growth strategy while achieving meaningful reductions in both environmental impacts and airline operating costs.

These are important challenges for ANSPs– sustaining profitability, ensuring safety and security, and developing adequate air transportation infrastructure. SkyView can be used to create custom reports to analyze the impact of all air traffic operational changes.

Integration Options

SkyView is ready to run in conjunction with several state-of-the-art aviation tools for fast-time simulations, environmental analysis, and real-time simulations. 

  • ATAC’s Simmod PRO!® for fast-time airspace and airport simulations
  • FAA’s AEDT for fuel burn, emissions and noise computations
  • Links with Kongsberg Geospatial’s I-SIM ATC simulator

SkyView can be configured with Simmod PRO! for fast-time airport and airspace simulation. In this configuration, SkyView flight data and airspace definitions can be used to build a fast-time simulation model with Simmod PRO!, and Simmod PRO! simulation results can be viewed and analyzed using SkyView. Both SkyView and Simmod PRO! support surface, Terminal/TRACON and enroute analysis, with any combination, including gate-to-gate.

SkyView can be configured with the FAA’s AEDT for the computation of fuel burn, emissions and noise. In the basic configuration, SkyView provides flight tracks, flight plans and detailed weather data to AEDT and AEDT does the fuel burn, emissions and/or noise computations. In the advanced configuration, AEDT is used to compute fuel burn and emissions for individual flights and the computational results are output in SkyView reports where they can be integrated with other SkyView data for a comprehensive traffic performance picture. AEDT is owned by the FAA and is still in beta.

SkyView can be provided as a component in Kongsberg Geospatial’s I-SIM ATC simulator. In this configuration, SkyView provides the capability for quick scenario generation from processed live data. These scenarios provide highly realistic conditions for air traffic controller training, airspace design evaluations and procedure development. SkyView also provides the ability for post processing and quick review of I-SIM recordings.


With over 40 years of experience, ATAC is committed to providing world-class modeling, simulation, and analysis for aviation. We have a product portfolio recognized worldwide for its ability to accurately simulate and analyze current and future aviation systems. 

ATAC provides world-class aviation analysis software and services to help companies and governments better understand their operation, improve their planning and decision-making, and ultimately their performance.

ATAC’s SkyView and associated services are designed to assist service providers and operators in achieving performance improvements. We invite you to discover how ATAC can help answer your most complex aviation questions. Contact ATAC for a SkyView solution tailored to your needs.

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