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Environmental Evaluation - Airports

Our team of aviation professionals combine their deep knowledge of airports, air traffic, and data-driven analytic insight to provide customers with simplified solutions to complex issues. 

ATAC understands air traffic intricacies and can bridge the nexus between airports and air traffic to produce concise, legally defensible documentation that conforms to the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA). ATAC is the U.S. leader in this area, having evaluated hundreds of aircraft instrument flight rules procedures and airspace changes at over 120 airports in the U.S. and Canada. ATAC’s team led the creation of new policies, procedures, and methods for NEPA analysis under the Federal Aviation Administration’s Air Traffic Division, supporting the nationwide transition from ground-based air navigation to satellite-based air navigation over the past decade.

Our data driven approach to environmental analysis relies on in-house nationwide surveillance data (SkyView) or any source of surveillance data (ASDE-X, ANOMS, ADS-B, etc.,) to apply our custom tools and provide critical insight to any issue involving:

  • Aircraft noise and overflight
  • Supplemental Aviation Noise Metrics (PDF)
  • Noise modeling supporting Master Plans
  • Noise Exposure Map updates
  • California CNEL modeling
  • Helicopter operations
  • Land use and zoning compatibility with aircraft operations
  • Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions (PDF)
  • GHG reporting requirements
  • Data input for Environmental Management Systems
  • Aircraft changes
  • Introduction of new service
  • Change in aircraft type (upgauge/downgauge)
  • Changes to operational times
  • Permanent or temporary changes in aircraft arrivals or departures
  • Airfield construction
  • New or revised air traffic procedures