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Operational Performance Analysis - Airlines

ATAC provides airlines with a range of expert services to measure and analyze air traffic operational performance, ranging from fleet-wide performance analysis to hub airport efficiency and cost-benefit analyses for proposed changes. 

ATAC’s Operational Performance Analysis expertise covers:

  • Metric development and prototyping, where we analyze business and operational needs to define and prototype operational metrics and measurements.
  • Airline-centric review of operations, including fleet analysis by airframe, delay analysis (including holding and rerouting), block time analysis and ground movement/taxiing evaluation.
  • Development and customization of data collection, processing and reporting tools to support the gathering of data needed for measurement and analysis, the processing of that data to compute measurements, and produce reports with actionable information.
  • Analysis of operational data, ranging from small-scale trend analyses on specific metrics to large scale before and after analyses.

Metric Development and Prototyping

ATAC has been involved in the development and prototyping of a wide variety of aviation metrics. ATAC supports airlines in the development of metrics to support airline’s corporate objectives with metrics ranging from basic traffic counts to advanced multi-faceted metrics and include:

  • Traffic counts for runways and airports throughout the U.S.
  • Trajectory Based Operations (TBO) analysis including the effects of TBFM/metering to your operation
  • Analysis of Reroutes and Diversions, measuring the frequency and impact of in-flight modifications
  • Miles in trail compliance, combining data from various sources to determine the effectiveness of traffic flow management initiatives
  • Flight time, distance and delay, as well as block time analyses across the network.
  • Air route utilization, for example, to determine use of new RNAV and Q-routes
  • Taxi-time, runway occupancy, and surface utilization

Analysis of Operational Data

Up-to-date metrics and near real-time review of system performance is key to meeting the corporate objectives of any airline. The services and insight provided by ATAC’s SkyView Data Services are designed to assist airlines and operators alike in achieving such performance improvements. SkyView Data Services provides a comprehensive set of software tools for gathering aviation performance and supporting data, measuring and baselining operations, and helping to design, implement, and evaluate operational improvements. SkyView Data Services can manage the configurable data collection, analysis, reporting, and management modules that can be tailored to your needs.