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Operational Performance Analysis - Airports

ATAC provides airport executives with a range of expert services to measure and analyze performance in and around the airport, ranging from land/air side metric development to large scale cost-benefit analyses involving runways and taxiways. 

ATAC’s Operational Performance Analysis expertise covers:

  • Metric development and prototyping, where we analyze business and operational needs to define and prototype operational metrics and measurements.
  • Development of data collection, processing and reporting tools to support the gathering of data needed for measurement and analysis, the processing of that data to compute measurements, and produce reports with actionable information.
  • Operation and support of data collection, processing and reporting tools, including system installation, system operation, data archiving, user training, and report design.
  • Analysis of operational data, ranging from small-scale trend analyses on specific metrics to large scale before and after analyses.

Metric Development and Prototyping

ATAC has worked with airports to improve operations by providing actionable information so that informed, knowledgeable decisions can be made.  Metrics range from basic arrival and departure counts to advanced multi-faceted metrics and include:

  • Throughput statistics for runways, and runway configuration analysis
  • Taxiway usage including queueing/hold analysis
  • Taxi-time, runway occupancy, and surface utilization
  • Ground-side metrics such as ramp to take-off time/distance summaries

Development of Data Collection, Processing and Reporting Tools

Airports are under pressure to improve operational performance and increase capacity while still reducing costs and environmental impact.  ATAC’s SkyView Data Services and associated services are designed to assist airports in achieving such performance improvements. SkyView Data Services provides a comprehensive set of software tools for gathering airport performance information and supporting data, measuring and baselining operations, and helping to design, implement, and evaluate operational improvements. SkyView contains configurable data collection, analysis, reporting, and management modules that can be tailored to your needs. SkyView can be adapted for any suitable airport data source, ASCII or binary, socket-based (TCP/IP, UDP) or file based.

Analysis of Operational Data

ATAC has supported a wide variety of operational analysis studies to support impact assessment, cost/benefit analysis, airport operations and environmental impact analysis. Examples include:

  • Traffic and throughput counts for runways
  • Quantifying the effect on airport operations associated with the use of new runway configurations
  • Analysis of unique airport attributes such as de-icing, holding pads, and other landside geometries
  • Block time analysis to assist with analyzing gate usage and availability