RAADARS - Range, Airspace and Airfield Data Analysis and Reporting System

RPV corridor impact analysis between Camp Pendleton and El Centro

Advanced Air Traffic Visualization Tool for the Military

Range, Airspace and Airfield Data Analysis and Reporting System (RAADARS) is an automated aviation operations data collection, analysis and archiving system. It is designed to provide simple, but powerful tools for the management of military air training and operations. Using core ATAC technologies such as GRADE®, and Birdwatch®, RAADARS can record and analyze military air operations through the use of existing surveillance and information systems. RAADARS:

  • Automates data collection
  • Is customized to local requirements, ranges, airfields, and procedures
  • Provides automated routine reporting
  • Provides ad-hoc reporting capability
  • Performs routine and ad-hoc data mining and analysis
  • Displays analysis results effectively and efficiently


RAADARS has proven to be a valuable tool in a wide range of applications, including:
  • Automatically generates air activity reports for airfield, range or special activity airspace on a daily, monthly, or annual bases
  • Automatically provides accurate, defensible, and consistent data for BRAC, AICUZ, NEPA, NASMOD, etc.
  • Provides fast turn-around real world data for input to ATC simulators
  • Analysis of civil and military operations interaction
  • Has range operations analysis - know exactly what airspace was used, for how long, and who used it
  • Supports staffing and infrastructure requirements for traffic flow analysis
  • Safety training for pilots and aircrew
  • Graphical replay of actual operations for public affairs, community response and outreach


RAADARS is a powerful, flexible, multi-functional tool for military aviation planning, analysis and research. Highlights include:
  • Customized flight track data processing daily or real-time periods
  • Standardized or ad-hoc reports are easily created
  • Adaptable to virtually any data source including radar, flight plans, flight schedules, weather, etc.
  • 4-D graphics and animation playback of flight tracks
  • Advanced GIS capabilities
  • Simple to use
  • Scalable to new applications
  • Custom installations for every location
  • Shares information among multiple facilities and chain-of-command networked databases


RAADARS provides the capability to analyze, visualize and replay complex airspace operations. Examples of the benefits of RAADARS:
  • Reduces staffing for data administration and dissemination
  • Standardized, defensible operations data
  • Mature core technology already in wide use
  • Data output easily customized for customer requirements
  • Specifically designed for military aviation operations
  • Capable of sharing data with other Birdwatch users such as the FAA
  • Effectively communicates the airspace picture
  • Supported by a team of experienced analysts with expertise in complex military operations

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