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Simmod PRO! Support

Support for Simmod PRO!® will be provided via phone, fax, or e-mail during normal ATAC business hours.

Customers who decide to buy support after they buy the software must pay support charges back to the date of their original purchase of the software. Customers who let their support lapse must purchase support back to the time the support lapsed. The customer may repurchase the software and then purchase support if that results in a less expensive solution. Academic licenses available. If you currently do not have a support agreement, please contact Simmod PRO! information to learn how to purchase software support or if you have any questions.

Customers with a current, paid support agreement can obtain assistance by sending an e-mail to ATAC Support. You can also login below for the latest software updates.

Users who utilize support must provide adequate example cases that demonstrate their problem. All problems must be demonstrable with the latest version of Simmod PRO!. Bug fixes and minor enhancement releases will be accessed through a password protected web page. All changes (bug fixes and enhancements) made to the software as part of the basic software support will be made available to all supported clients.


Simmod PRO! Installer

Simmod PRO! Release Notes

Simmod PRO! Installation Notes