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Advanced Simulation Tool for Analyses

Simmod PRO!® provides the flexibility and power of true rules-based modeling capability through the innovative implementation of a generalized simulation scripting language. This greatly expands the capabilities to simulate the dynamics, variability, site-specific features and situation-specific factors in air traffic operations. Simmod PRO! was developed in 1997 and maintains its state-of-the-art capabilities through continuous application for customers such as FAA and DoD for their most complex airspace and airfield operational modeling and simulation challenges.

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Simmod PRO!'s modeling power is derived from the user-defined rules that query the state of the simulation and provide dynamic decision-making. Each step of a flight can be controlled based on user-defined rules that respond to the ever-changing conditions in the air or on the ground. This ability allows the modeling of:
  • Dynamic airfield and airspace rerouting
  • Complex taxiing operations
  • Departure queue sequencing
  • Ground vehicles (e.g., towing, fueling, catering, baggage)
  • Disruptive events (e.g., weather, system failures, runway closures, A380)
  • Human resources and activities (e.g., controllers, pilots, airline)
  • Advanced operating concepts
  • Complex interactions among neighboring airports


The rules-based input provides for "If-Then" capability that specifies the actions to be taken by the simulation based on the state of the system. Simmod PRO! is faster than real time simulation application, for it can simulate thousands of flights in one minute and can run on any desktop configuration, requiring no special hardware. The latest release (version 8) includes a number of enhancements to the features as well as optimizations throughout the code to improve ergonomics and responsiveness. Additionally, the user interface has been recompiled with Java version 7, with an updated look-and-feel. Supported users can obtain this release from our support website.

Here are examples of the new Simmod PRO! user interface -

Examples of the dynamic states of the system that can be queried to control the simulation include:

  • Resource availability, such as deicing trucks and ground support equipment
  • Departure queue length and the duration of those aircraft in the queues
  • The number and types of aircraft on the ground or in the air, on a link or at a node
  • Gate occupancy, staging area utilization, deicing pad capacity
  • A flight's aircraft type, airline, origin, destination or location on the ground or in the air


Simmod PRO! provides the capability to conduct complex simulation analyses not achievable by other modeling tools currently on the market. Examples of the benefits of applying Simmod PRO!:
  • Integration of ground vehicles and other airfield and airspace resources directly into the simulation
  • Flexibility to test and optimize new procedures related to deicing, gate procedures, cargo operations, taxi paths, departure sequencing and staging of aircraft
  • Compatibility with existing SIMMOD® models
  • Support by a team of experienced analysts with expertise modeling complex operations
  • SIMMOD Users Group - an organization for the exchange of ideas and experiences among SIMMOD users working on airspace and airport projects

You can read how Denver International Airport is saving millions of dollars in their deicing operation by using Simmod PRO! - 21st Century, Fast-time Airport and Airspace Modeling Analysis with Simmod published in Managing the Skies - A Journal of the FAA Managers Association.

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